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Smart Trash Bin

MAKERS: Abhishek COUNTRY: India

1) Automatic open-close lid for ease of use and to avoid physical contact, so no germs transmission 2) Dry Wet garbage separation 3) Warning message sent to garbage collector when


The Purpose

Currently waste management is a measure problem in our country. ?Smart Trash Bin? helps to solve the problems related to the garbage management. This project aims at developing the affordable smart trash bin using the GSM module. The concept is very simple and easy to use. Smart Trash Bin will play major role in smart cities. The smart city concept is still new in India. The major need of a smart lifestyle begins with cleanliness and cleanliness begins with dustbin. A society will get its waste dispatched properly only if the dustbins are placed well and collected in well prepared.

The Technology

1) The sensor zone is located above the lid, It is easy to reach when you want the lid open automatically. 2) Obstacle Sensor system used is very precise, the sensor signal doesn?t spill out in Front of the Smart Trash Bin where the lid can?t be open mistakenly when walking nearby. 3) Once the lid is open, the Obstacle Sensor system knows you?re still in the sensor zone, so the lid won?t close before you finish the action. 4) The lid will close within small delay after leaving the sensor zone. Sensor system ensure lid open/close time is right, not

Additional Details

1) To collect dustbins placed at public places in city. 2) Automatic open-close lid for ease of use 3) There is no contact touch between dustbin and Person so, prevention from germs and diseases. 4) Warning message indication when a Smart Trash Bin is nearly full. Also send SMS to garbage collector in particular area. 5) Healthy Environment maintained in particular area. 6) Smart Trash Bin can be used in Colleges/University Campus, Shopping malls, Railway stations (We can use Wi-Fi modules for sending SMS to garbage collector).

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