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Brain to Muscle interface for Paralysed person (BMIP) interface


The brain to muscle interface kit will bypass the brain clotting and help the paralyzed person to move their paralyzed parts using brain stimulation without any Exo-skeleton.

The Purpose

We all know somebody or other in our relation directly or indirectly suffering paralysis due to stroke and is helpless .This made us to think in the direction of making some prototype to assist the paralyzed person in his mobility.According to survey the paralyzed persons due to stroke are 1 in 25. From normal human they are having one degree of separation in terms of movable body parts. According to Reeve Foundation 29% of paralysis is due to stroke followed by injury in the spinal cord. This makes urgency in developing an interface which can make their living condition better. The paralyzed person cannot do his daily chores without any physical assistant. Sometime it may be difficult for a person to move the paralyzed person?s body part as it may be too stiff. The physiotherapy may not be always available for paralyzed person. We are proposing a system which will assist not only the paralyzed person, but also provide a better interface for the families, friends, and caretaker of the paralyzed person to assist them

The Technology

The first fold of our project is to design and implement a fully functional Brain to Muscle interface for Paralysed person (BMIP) interface. The BMIP interface should have the provision for preprocessing classifying recording and training multidimensional EMG signals. The classifier module and the pre-processor module should be implemented separately for easy testing and modification of different phases. To accomplish the first phase of the research a thorough literature review for the different Brain to Muscle interface has been done. In the second fold of the research, the developed BMIP system should be tested on the paralyzed person. The muscle movement has to be recorded during voluntary movement. When the controlling person does real time activities it has to be detected and categorized into two dimensional movements. BMIP Experiment The research procedure is as follow the person is interfaced with BMIP with the movable human part .The BMIP generate electrical stimulation and in response to the stimulus the subject under test that is the person perform its operations. During the operation, the BMIP record the EMG signals process it and classify it to different operations. The recorded operation is compared with the actual operations. The performance accuracy is measured. The performance accuracy is the number of correct classification divided by number of physical operations. . In the first phase of the research real physical operations are performed, detected and recorded. In the second phase the nerves responsible for the muscle movement of person has to be identified. A pairs of EMG Electrodes has to be placed on the identified location. The phases are compared and tested for the accuracy. If the result is not satisfactory a Bio-feedback is given and the process is repeated till the performance accuracy is achieved.

Additional Details

The part of the project is published in IEEE T and S magazine as leading edge "A review on technology advancement for paralyzed person".It is Muscle to Machine interface..what we are proposing is Brain to Muscle Interface.. The model what we are proposing is non invasive and it does not require any exoskeleton for the motion. We are using muscle electrodes which excite the muscle nerves for particular orientation. The further extension is to make it wireless. In it there will be no connection between the controlling and the controlled person.

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