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Easy Scanner

MAKERS: Samiul COUNTRY: Bangladesh

Dive into 3D scanning, build 3D computer models from real objects with this quick build and easy 3D scanner using spares and readily available stuff. A great learning experience!!!

The Purpose

3D scanning is fast becoming popular in households. Easy scanner was made to be a cheap, quick and easy way to dive into this new field of learning. With the easy scanner one could try out 3D scanning techniques and get projects needing 3D models done in no time while also get a hands on learning experience on image processing techniques and 3D mapping with matlab and arduino.

The Technology

The hardware is basically just some acrylic, a webcam, a laser pointer, a stepper motor and an arduino. The rest is matlab. 3D scanning can be done in a variety of ways from simple triangulation to more complex strategies like doing polynomial regression.

Additional Details

1.Simple and cheap build 2.Main program written in Matlab 3.Easy to understand and get working

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