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Virtual assistance for visually impaired person


A Virtual assistance which consists of Vision, Audio and speech understanding. It also communicates with the micro-controller.

The Purpose

Visually impaired people face a lot of problem in their daily life and rather than being dependable on another person, I have created my own artificial intelligence which consists on vision, audio and speech recognition to assist the visually impaired person. The result of this project will facilitate the movement of people who are visually impaired. It can be used efficiently with less effort by these people so that they can use it independently and easily.

The Technology

It is an advanced artificial Intelligence system prototype, controlled via voice commands. With the help of voice commands vision is controlled, audio feedback is given to the voice commands fed as input and the program communicates with the micro-controller to automate devices. In this project four programs were running at the same time. The speech recognition accuracy of virtual assistance is too fast because it has been programmed to an integrated level. Machine learning algorithms were implemented to increase the accuracy.

Additional Details

This project is a prototype. This project will be moved to raspberry pi and a cap shape structure will be given to the project with vision ,audio and mic facility. The cost of this project for a single quantity will be around 4000(inr) - 4500(inr). 1. Easy to use 2. Safe 3. Accurate and fast speech recognition 4. Low cost

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