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Application of nano electronics in controlling Epilepsy


People suffering from epileptic seizure has become vulnerable to after effects of it,Here I am proposing a way to control the seizure when it originate itself.

The Purpose

Most effective way of controlling seizure

The Technology

The areas of technology and knowledge we used in this project are Electronics circuit design,Novel drug delivery system, control circuit model design,nano-bio-electronic device with biosensor,Mechanism of human body.

Additional Details

Here we designed steps to make a nanoelectronic control circuit that can be used to control the abnormal electric activity after seizure occurs. And also here we integrate the biological elements with nanoelectronic circuits so it will be effective in sensing the appropriate locations for fixing to occur.So it can be called as nanobioelectronic circuit And here we designed a nearly noninvasive method of transferring that nanobioelectronic device to desired locations by reffering to recent research done about it.

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