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AVRDroid is a wireless programming solution for avr micro controller . It lets you program and debug an AVRDroid hardware over the bluetooth by an android device.

The Purpose

I always want to design next generation of development boards for makers and engineering students. Actually process is quite simple you can get a cheap off self board and a usbasp programmer to start with atmega series of controller and you are good to go. But i found there are lot of issues with most of the devices and most of them is because of programming connection cable that are just bad. So i set my self to design a wireless programming solution with an IDE that works on android

The Technology

AVRDroid uses a low foot print boot loader that communicates to AVRDroid IDE running on Android device through a custom protocol. AVRDroid IDE is made for editing AVR code , compiling AVR code and also can log data and can do fingerprint type debugging . If code is compiled with errors it will show up int he log window of the IDE. If no errors the hex file will be created on android device . This file will be sent to AVRDroid Board and then it boots to runs the new firmware.

Additional Details

As a supporter of open source community I made all the code and hardware files available here : How to USE : Hardware: 1. Design a hardware according to schematic provided 2. Flash bootloader firmware provided (for Atmega8) Software: 1. Activate bootloader , press BOOTLOADER_ACTIVE button while resetting 2. Compile code in AVRDroid IDE 3. Connect to dev board via bluetooth 4. Press run button to flash code 5. Reset the board again to run flashed code Features: 1. Compile and Edit avr code on Android Device 2. Flash code wirelessly via Bluetooth (no need for any programmer or a wired usb connection ) 3. Uart over bluetooth-debug your code and log

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