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Aquaculture Monitoring System

MAKERS: Aimahn , Resie , Neshihama COUNTRY: Philippines

This work presents an Aquaculture Monitoring System using wireless technology and powered by solar panel. To monitor the fish pond in different sites and able to get real time application

The Purpose

The results of the study are beneficial to the following: a. Owner of the fish pond who wants to know if DO, pH and temperature are acceptable levels. b. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) researchers who study fish growth relation to aquatic parameters.

The Technology

Design and implementation of the system using sensors powered by solar cell and WSN technology is the challenging work. Data collected by various sensors in the node side such as pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature is sent via Zigbee. On the other hand, the base station with Zigbee technology receives the information.

Additional Details

it can monitor the three parameters (dissolved Oxygen pH level, Temperature of the Fishpond, Real Time

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