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Design & Fabrication of Cockcroft Walton Multiplier using HV Capacitors

MAKERS: ABDURRAHMAN , Talal , Muhammad , Taqi ur COUNTRY: Pakistan

Cockcroft Walton Multiplier is type of High Voltage DC Generator which uses multiple stages of two capacitors and and a diodes.


The Purpose

This project has been designed for following purposes where it can be used efficiently and effectively: 1- Testing of HV Insulators 2- Medical Applications such as Defibrillator and X-ray eqipments 3- Pulse Radars for generation of HV pulses 4- Submarines (for deriving propellers under water at at high pressure) 5- Coil Gun

The Technology

In HV capacitors, prime factor is the relation between capacitance and voltage bearing capacity. As the voltage level increases, capacitance happens to decrease with a very fast rate. For instance, it is quite easy to design a capacitor of 100 ?F at 10 V, but it is difficult to achieve the same capacitance at 10 kV. This project solves the issue of capacitance and voltage bearing capacity where the capacitors are designed using Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), commonly known as Mylar, as a dielectric material and Aluminium Foil as conducting plates thus giving HV capacitors with 8 kV, 50 nF rating.

Additional Details

1- Self designed capacitors each of rating 8 kV, 50 nF. 2- Each capacitor contains 2 layers of dielectric material and 2 conducting plates 3- 5 stages voltage multiplier; 10 capacitors 4- High Voltage output is taken between the high potential and ground by means of spark gaps. 5- Generator O/P: 50,000 V DC

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