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The aim of our research is to automize the process of detecting cracks on a railway track using cellphone operated vehicle to reduce the human effort.


The Purpose

In countries like India, the most widely used and common mode of transport for the peoples is railway transport. As per the current scenario of train accidents we often observe in news that Railway accidents are quite common. It has been seen that approximately 60% of the rail accident cause due to the derailment, and 90% of this accident is cause due to the flaw on the railway track. Those minor cracks are unnoticed by the Track-man of railway department who walks 16 km/day along with the railway track for the inspection of the track.

The Technology

This method of inspection is quite unreliable. this project consist of GPS module, GSM modem, Ultrasonic sensor, PIR sensor for application of communication purpose, crack detection and finding of human being present in the railway track. The GPS module and GSM modem help us to find and sending railway geometric parameter of crack detection to nearest railway station. We implement PIR sensor in this project to avoid manual checking of detection of presences of human being in recent trends of application. The importance of this project is applicable both day and night time track inspection purpose.

Additional Details

When the crack is detected on the track the text message is send to the preferred number by using the GSM and GPS service. The text message contains the latitude and longitude value of the place where the crack is detected. The ultrasonic distance meter will verify the distance between two tracks. When the human or animal is on the track the PIR sensor will detect the presence and stop the checking process till they move on. After they moved on the track it will continue the process.

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