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Foldable Electric Bicycle

MAKERS: Rao Yashovardhan , Satvik COUNTRY: India

Detailed project on designing of economic and sustainable foldable electric bike, that will eliminate the problem of first and last mile for people who travel by public transport.


The Purpose

People who use public transport, they have to travel from home to bus-stop. And when they come back, they have to travel from bus-stop to home. They either travel by walk or they have to call someone from home to pick them up from bus-stop. They can even go by an auto or taxi but these are expensive and are not eco-friendly. To eradicate this problem we designed a foldable electric bike which is compact (easy to carry with you), eco-friendly, safe and economical.

The Technology

We emphasized on the following things: 1. Design of bike 2. Ergonomics of driver 3. Folding mechanism 4. Material Used in frame 5. Battery and motor used 6. Future prospects a. Usage of solar energy b. Usage of different materials c. Folding techniques d. Selection of more compact and light battery Motor and Battery: The reason to choose hub motor is that they can be easily fitted into the wheel. According to this the suitable motor which can be used is 36V-350W Brushless DC Hub motor. Li-Po battery is not explosive and unlike Li-ion, Li-Po battery doesn?t require any external IC. It has less self aging.

Additional Details

A new way of travelling first and last mile of journey is introduced in this report. We studied about the design, ergonomics, folding mechanism, material selection and major components used to manufacture this bike. The bike we designed is totally safe, easy to handle and most important thing is that it is sustainable. It is not causing any harm to the nature. The maximum speed which can be attained is 25kmph and can be increased by increasing the power of both battery and motor. It will take nearly 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged the bike can travel up to 35km.Keeping cost and availability in mind, all the components have been selected accordingly. Not only it solves the problem faced during first and last mile this bike can be used for daily purposes. The cost to manufacture a single piece is somewhat high but when it comes to mass production the cost of each piece will be very less such that even poor people can afford it.

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