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Home Automation System

MAKERS: Karyofyllis Patsidis

We live busy lives, and sometimes, what little time we can spare, makes a huge difference... The arduino-based Home Automation System offers just that! The communication is achieved with a web-server, running a RESTful API designed for this purpose. It is extremely easy to connect any device or app on it. So, u can have access through a website, your smartphone, a desktop app, or, from the in-built touch screen inside the house. Some of its features include light control (some more advanced features are auto dimming and disco lights) , advanced heating control, (normal and night mode), as well as, building door remote access, timer-activated appliances and bluetooth command terminal for more tweaking. Some future additions planned are, an RFID scanner for accessing the outer door, further encryption for safety, weekly heating plan based on the occupancy of the house,a log in feature with different users/permissions,a wattage consumption online log,as well as an in-built alarm and monitoring system. Team Members: Karyofyllis Patsidis

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