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Mars Exploration DIY Vehicle and Sample collector

MAKERS: Nikiforos Paraskevopoulos

Mars Exploration DIY Vehicle and Sample collector There is always the need for remotely controlled robotic agents in order to perform object retrieval from places that are either not suitable or dangerous for a human to go to. That was the idea that inspired us to create this project: It is a remotely controlled robotic vehicle based on Arduino platform that carries a two-degree-freedom robotic clamp. There is also a 180o horizontal moving camera mounted on the robot which sends wirelessly live feed to a monitor. The robot can also operate in total absence of light using a strong led flashlight. This robot utilizes Bluetooth signals in order to communicate with an Android app from which the user sends the commands. The stracture was putted together by handmade links and patents from scrap metals and components from the local hardware store. The maneuvering is supported by 2 speed-variable DC Motors that allows a large variety of motions. The orientation is executed by counter rolling the wheels which means that the vehicle can turn on his axle very accurately. Variable-speed allows it to be operated efficiently on downhills or uphill and avoid threats. The two servos in the front are capable of applying high torques. The clamp can collect heavy samples (rocks etc.) and gather them safely, keeping the subject high from the ground. Voltage regulation made with a Stepdown Regulator which is known for its low energy consumption. The HD camera basically covers a 360o angle of sight due to servo that it is mounted upon the vehicle. Makes it easy to plan carefully your next move and execute your mission. We putted the head of an actual flashlight so that we never miss a thing. The Camera has also a Motion Detection and Night Vision mode. This robot is powered by 2 High Capacity Fast Discharged Lipo Batteries so that we can run for hours. High Voltage is distributed to the DC Motors, Servos Motors, Camera, Transmitter of the Camera and LED Flashlight separately. In other words we keep a distance between the brain and the heavy duty electronics so that we can achieve high efficiency, low voltage noises and safety in case of errors. Proportionally speaking by implementing different technologies and engineering this little vehicle can take up planet exploration missions and be controlled be satellites. Yes it can bring your lost socks under your Bed! :P Team: Nikiforos Paraskevopoulos Antony Glioumpas

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