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sorting materials on conveyor based on height,width using arduino

MAKERS: Naga Gayathri COUNTRY: India

Our project is sorting of materials on conveyor based on height and width. It checks and sorts materials as per the given specifications using a simple software called Arduino.


The Purpose

In Industries very high techniques are used for sorting like image processing but our project solves the complexity of the techniques by using a simple software programming called Arduino. By using only one conveyor we can sort many items with different heights and widths so that there will be no need for separate conveyors for different height and widths. Cost of this project is also affordable. Even small scale industries can use this conveyor with arduino programming for sorting of different materials.

The Technology

In this project we used a technology called Arduino programming. By using a simple program we can solve the complexity of sorting of materials on conveyor belt. we can also change different specifications based on our requirement by making a small change in the arduino program. we can also add some of the extra features like volume, weight, pick and place and so on with slight changes in the program. By using Arduino software complexity and cost will be reduced and it is also eco friendly and economical.

Additional Details

simple design low cost' eco friendly safety High adaptability

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