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MAKERS: Huzaifa , Soban , Hamza COUNTRY: Pakistan

Ever tried to communicate with a mute person? With all the signs and not understanding a thing? Well, we believe to have come up with a solution; Sign Language Translator.


The Purpose

Kinesics, a fancy name for such a simple action, Hand Sign. Our purpose here is to build a device that can translate these hand signs into something sensational. The project achieves to breakdown the communication barrier between the common people and the mute or deaf. Giving a "voice" to the mute, hearing the unheard and trying to connect with both sides of the community is what we hoped to achieve. A digital world where every impossible thing has a solution, Kinesics achieves no less.

The Technology

The project constitutes the most tiniest of technologies available around the world. Our aim was to make it as accessible and portable as possible. Having this mindset, we made the glove completely wireless with no wire hanging about the body of the wearer. Since wearable technology is flourishing, we had to make the glove smooth, easy to wear and safe. Using a bunch of small-sized Arduinos, an RF transceiver, a whole bunch of Sensors and for the speech, an SD Card module. The careful instrument selection made the project cost efficient pricing at under $170.

Additional Details

1. Visual Feedback: You get to view the results on an 20x4 Character LCD 2. Audio Feedback: There's also an audio output port through which you can connect an external speaker. 3. Wireless Radio Communication: The range for wireless transmission is 50 feets Indoor and 100 feets outdoor. 4. American Sign Language Database: Around 10 Sentences - Emergency Related 26 Alphabets A to Z 5. Flexibility: Single Hand Operation(Left hand) Battery Powered device

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