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Eye controlled wheelchair for disabled people

MAKERS: Adithya COUNTRY: India

Disability problems are increasing, more concernedly with Quadriplegics (who cannot walk or move). To boost back the confidence of such people and make their life reliant this project is helpful.


The Purpose

Number of people using wheelchairs is approximated around 200 million worldwide and in US alone 47% of spinal cord injuries (total around 11000) lead to quadriplegia. For people with severe disabilities, this project presents design of developing a semi-autonomous wheelchair which can be controlled by the movements of eye.

The Technology

We shall create a device where a patient sitting on the Wheel Chair assembly looking directly at the camera, mounted in front of eye, is able to move just by looking in that direction. The camera feed is monitored by a MATLAB script, which will then guide the motors wired to the Arduino Microcontroller over the Serial Interface to move in a direction. The wheelchair assembly is controlled by Arduino Uno microcontroller and is programmed to perform specific tasks upon receiving the various commands from MATLAB.

Additional Details

The concept of this project not only overcomes the defects of other wheelchair systems but also take a step further in making the life of disabled persons independent. Future improvements can be made for the faster processing of the images and identifying more blinking combinations for efficient movement of wheelchair.

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