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A great Hatchery Eggs machine with a 980 eggs !

MAKERS: sulieman COUNTRY: Jordan

Famines ,refugees and overpopulation are the main reasons of our machine . In country like Jordan don't have that much of resources we have to work and create our resources.


The Purpose

The neediness of new and better sources make us create new ways to get it . Here is Hatchery Eggs it's amazing technology to increase the number of animals like chicken and ducks . Using our machine we can make things need a year in one month . Using this machine we can feed many families in our country and equipping families with chickens to be a source of eggs .

The Technology

it's completely automatic system . anyone can use it and adjust it ! It's contain many systems to control in temperature , humidity , water level , air and the angle every 2 hours We can hatch 980 eggs in 22 days in one machine which need 100 chicken set on the eggs , ( when the chickens setting on the eggs will not produce eggs and this will be losses of our sources )

Additional Details

chicken eggs need 21--23 days to hatch . what a great thing The increasing refugees crisis and overpopulation and the way to insure a good food for them is the main reason of our project . and as the most country that hosting refugees in the world which has already a food security concerns , we have to work and create our new resources.

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