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SMART WEARABLE DEVICE ? OBJECTIVES To develop a cost-effective system for ? Health monitoring ? Personal safety ? Personal tracking The proposed device will be of immense help for children, teenagers, women, elder, travellers virtually anyone concerned about personal safety and health. ? DESCRIPTION Smart wearable device is a fully functional device with personal health monitoring, inbuilt panic alarm, emergency SOS button, GPS tracking, and wearable biomedical sensors and GSM communication. This project is low cost wearable non invasive alternative for continuous 24 hours of monitoring of health activity and mobility. This device monitors vital parameters of human body Vital parameters of the human body include: ? Heart rate ? Blood oxygen saturation ? Body temperature ? Blood pressure(systolic and diastolic) Heart rate is monitored using a piezoelectric effect based sensor. Normally our heart beat is about 72 beats/minute. An increase or decrease in its value will be considered as an abnormal condition. An integrated precision temperature sensor monitors body temperature of the user. Wearable sensor network also monitors blood pressure, so that any abnormality can be predicted.Integrated ECG sensor is also provided to monitor any ECG variations so cardiac arrest can be predicted.This device monitors each of the sensors and at the same time compares real time values with threshold values. In case of variation of real time values the relatives, hospital authorities, etc are informed via Global System for Mobile (GSM )Modem along with the position coordinate obtained from the Global Positioning System (GPS) module so that the user can be tracked and necessary care may be given without any time delay. This device along with monitoring keeps the record of body parameters so that it can be used as a medical report of user at any point of time. Reports can be accessed using wireless technology like Radio Frequency Identification / Near field communication (RFID/NFC) by hospital authorities. Thus this device monitors our overall health status and ensures overall well being. ? FEASIBILITY Feasibility of the proposed project was studied and it was found that Smart Wearable System is need of the hour. Economically this device is very feasible as the investment made in production is incredibly low. Also aesthetic appearance can be provided to this device to make it appealing and presentable for the consumers. Cost can be further reduced by mass production. ? ADVANTAGES OVER EXISTING ALTERNATIVES ? Innovative wearable gadget ? Low cost alternative ? Network of this device is also connected to 108 ? ambulances database and nearby police station. ? Tracking and messaging time will be less than 10 seconds so that search and rescue operations can be started immediately. ? Instant messaging to pre-stored mobile numbers ? Portable ? Integration of multiple sensors ? Real time tracking via GPS ? Emergency SOS button ? Extreme low power design and enhanced battery life ? Real time monitoring and storage of vital parameters ? Instant access to medical records and personal identity of user via RFID/NFC technology to hospital authorities ? ANTICIPATED AREAS / FIELD OF APPLICATION ? Personal protection ? Personal tracking ? Alert upon unattended road accidents ? Alert upon situations involving violations upon women ? Real time medical record keeping of vital parameter ? Remote patient monitoring system ? RECOMMENDATIONS ? More sensors like glucometer may be included so that this gadget will become useful for diabetic patients. ? Voice dialling and speech recognization facility may be incorporated ? CONCLUSION SMART WEARABLE DEVICE is of immense value and help for people who are in danger, women facing harassment, people involved in accidents, man missing cases, remote patient monitoring for aged people, children, etc. In the present situation where crime and violence, especially against women are to be seen everywhere around, this device turns out to be the need of the hour. With the advent of SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology, the whole device can be integrated into a watch or pendent form, so that the aesthetic look improves and also the device is concealed from criminals in situations of violence. We hope that in the near future Smart Wearable device will become part and parcel of our lives. ? REFERENCES ? IEEE journals ? ? ? Electronics For You magazine video link 1) 2)

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