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Voice Recognition Intelligent Writing Machine

MAKERS: Mangesh , Rajat COUNTRY: India

To build Writing Plotter for Handicapped/Blind peoples that will take human speech as input and will write the same on paper using Pen in "Users own Handwriting".


The Purpose

The purpose of our Project is :-- 1)To ease the lives of handicap, blind and paralyzed people by completing their write-up work based on their Voice Commands (whatever user speaks, machine will write on paper with given pen). 2)To design such a system that could write in User?s Handwriting with great speed compared to human writing speed & with same speed as Human Talking Pace. 3)A system that would help students to save their time from unnecessary write-up work. This machine would help them by completing their writing part with much faster, efficiently & without errors. 4)Easily replace the need of stenographers.

The Technology

The innovative idea of our project is to convert speech of human into a textual matter without any difficulty and hassles. The major advantage is that the system can write the spoken contents on paper using pen. The Android application that we are using in this system will also contain an option to add User?s own handwriting font. To add our own font in the database, user has to scan his handwriting from previous write-ups or feed capital A-Z & small a-z characters of his handwriting to Android Application and machine will start accordingly.

Additional Details

Some Additional features we are still working on :-- 1)Self Handwriting Feature-- This feature will enable our machine to write in its owner?s Handwriting. User just needs to scan his handwriting and feed this to machine as a input and machine will write accordingly. Presently, there are no plotters that would write in his User's Handwriting. 2)Efficient Writing-- No person can distinguish between the text written by Machine & the text written by its Owner. 3)Speedy Write-- The system would write with very high speed compared to human writing speed. Presently, available plotters are very slow & costly.

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