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Multi Operation Machine (MOM)

MAKERS: ajay , AksHAY , Arvind COUNTRY: India

Multi operation machine as a project is motivated by questions that arise in industrial Manufacturing such as Drilling ,Sawing and Milling simultaneous at one platform.


The Purpose

In this project we have a proposed a machine which can perform operations like Drilling, Sawing, Cutting operations at different working centers simultaneously which implies that industrialist have not to pay for machine performing above tasks individually for operating operation simultaneously

The Technology

Pure linkage mechanism is used.

Additional Details

In this project we provided an overview of the issues concerning different aspects of multipurpose machine using gear mechanism. The paper focused on the principle of Bevel gear mechanism, type of tooling and machining parameters and process performance measure, which include cutting speed, depth of cut, material removal rate with different type of equipments which can be run simultaneously and fabricate the work piece in multipurpose machine has been presented. The presented results can help to plan the machining of work piece with expected tolerance.

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