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Finger Controlled Robot

MAKERS: Luis , Marco COUNTRY: Portugal

this robot is mainly to create a device that can be an alternative to the performance of tasks of great danger to a human being.

The Purpose

The project, the Proficiency test of the Technical Course of Electronic Control and Automation, allows a glove with coupled sensors (these sensors being flexible resistors) to each finger, control of a robot with the commands: right, left, forward, Retreat, increase and slow down, these last two commands being concentrated on just one finger.

The Technology

It is anticipated that in the realization of this project an arduino Uno and a nano will be used for the logical part, as well as do?s bluetooth modules for the communication between the controllers of the project. A Power Drive and two motors will also be used for robot movement. The resistive sensors in the glove will be connected in voltage divider to read their values. It is also expected to use programs of electrical schematics, 3D design and PCB design.

Additional Details

The programming of this robot will be applied, corrected, and executed through the Arduino IDE because it presents all means available for the realization of the project. It is also relevant to say that the circuit to be developed will have protection methods in case any anomaly occurs. This protection will be in both the software and the hardware of the project.

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