Nicholas Napp

IEEE Senior Member

Q: How do you think IEEE benefits your profession? The world?

A: I’m old enough to remember when any serious place of engineering had huge shelves filled with IEEE publications. I’ve been familiar with the organization for a long time, however, I only joined and started participating relatively recently.

While IEEE has created an impressive and growing legacy in standards, the organization does so much more. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the Future Directions group in areas like digital reality and digital privacy, as well as on the TechNav project. I’ve participated in, and spoken at, many IEEE conferences and have contributed to multiple IEEE publications.

IEEE represents a vast amount of technical knowledge and experience. I’ve also been pleased to see IEEE get more involved in societal issues. Technology is no longer a small part of daily life. For many of us, it’s essential. I believe the era of developing technology in a vacuum without regard to its implications is coming to an end. IEEE is well positioned to be a balanced voice of reason as the march of technology continues.

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