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Transparent Toll Collection

MAKERS: Saurabh

ABSTRACT Our project mainly focuses in a bit to introduce transparency and greater accountability in toll collection. As the toll corruption is rapidly seeking more attention in present day, we as a group of 5 members thought out the solution to vanish this corruption. Our project is mainly based on the concept of embedded system which makes use of the microcontroller IC ATMEL 89S51 series, due to its unique merits of having 4 I/O ports and having multifunction port pin with easy interfacing with the peripheral. We make use of the circuitry which is very much familiar to all the engineering branches, the circuitry are as follow DC motor driver circuit is used to control the movement of vehicle around the toll in circular path. The dc motor is controlled by the toggling pulse of duty cycle 30%. The LCD (16*2) display is used as the screen to display the reducing balance and the target toll and sensor circuit are used for the detection of vehicle(HMV/LMV) & home position of the vehicle if any power failure occur the project will retain its home position. The ingenuity & innovation in the project is that the is project is the totally a new concept at toll booth to reduce toll corruption, previously all project regarding toll booth were based on RFID tags to reduce traffic and manual payment of toll amount, but our project will provide the transparency in toll collection, keeping in mind that the toll amount that is to generated by the toll authority is at the reducing balance for the toll payer, Not at the increment value. The implementation of the project will create the huge social impact to public by the following ways ? The less toll amount to be paid in accordance to road development. ? The reduction of toll corruption due to transparency. ? The toll rages and violent attack on tool both will be vanished. Hence we conclude that our project will be beneficial to every vehicle owner in the world. Key Points:- The idea for the project was been sought out from the news-paper headlines of times group dated on 31,july 2013 an article published,States that ?the group of public belonging to political side had proposed a legislature which would help the state to accurately monitor the daily vehicle-flow and cash collection at the 79 toll booth across Maharashtra.? This proposed legislation was eventually disappeared, as there was no particular solution recommended for this problem, but now days with the strong policy and public allegation against the protest of the toll booth there are many new articles throughout the world have published 1. The agitation for white paper on toll road on highway, TOI, 18TH JAN, 2014 2. The roots of toll rage at Kolhapur, due to lack of transpirancy, By, AjitRanade, Mumbai Mirror So to maintain the greater accountability and transparency by which the state can accurately maintain the toll collection.Therefore, our group has designed a transparent toll collection model which makes use of the circuits and programming from the MSBTE syllabus to demonstrate a simple solution to reduce the toll corruption across the world. Video link:- guys please do watch it. Submitted By, DMCE-Airoli, Name of the Students TIJO THOMAS MUKESH YEOLE SARTHAK CHOUDHARY SAURABH SONI POOJA DHENDE Guidance:- Ms. Rupali pande

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