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Remote Monitoring of Industrial Devices

MAKERS: Arnav , Vikrant COUNTRY: India

This Project allows the User to Monitor his Industrial Equipment Remotely via Internet. This helps him/her to optimize his/her Manufacturing Process and look out for malfunction in equipment instantly.

The Purpose

This project is developed to enable Online Monitoring of Industrial Equipment allowing the Industrialists to optimize their working process accordingly. Moreover this project is the line with the upcoming concept of IoT i.e. Internet Of Things which focuses to bring every gadget on the planet online. The software used to view data is MonkeyMonitor which allows the user some powerful tools in accordance to the data.

The Technology

The heart of this project is a Raspberry Pi Model 2 which is an ARMv7 based Linux processor which clocks at 900MHz and has a Quad-Core Broadcom BCM2386 processor and 1GB SDRAM. For Internet Connectivity, a Wi-Fi dongle is connected to one of its USB port. For Communication with Industrial Devices, the Protocol used is MODBUS-RTU which is achieved by using USB to 485 Converter. The database technology used is MySQL.

Additional Details

Allows the User to get a Live Feed of working of his/her Industrial Devices from anywhere around the globe. Helps the User to Optimize his/her Manufacturing so as to cut down wastage. Helps in identifying faulty equipment, which if, not detected at right time, can lead to accidents.

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