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Automated need based irrigation system

MAKERS: Sravan kumar COUNTRY: India

Farming during drought is a dream . But with the help of this project if implemented throughout a region then sustainable farming through sustainable irrigation is possible.Every drop counts

The Purpose

Farming is the only way we are able to eat and survive . The main source for farming is water . As year by year water is becoming more precious and scarce so sustainable farming needs to be employed making every drop precious and saving it for future use . In this way water scarce will no longer affect farming if implemented on large scale . Since every drop counts .

The Technology

It's a solar powered micro-controller which takes inputs from sensors across the fields and triggers motor to pump water from a community well or a tank to fields ,when the moisture for a particular crop pre-defined in devise is not matched .

Additional Details

It can be used as ,it has various ports left out to be connected *greenhouse monitoring of temperature *proper sunlight reaching a part of garden or not *watering home plants when away and lawns

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