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Automatic Animal Detection for Preventing Animal-Vehicle Collision

MAKERS: Sachin , Dharmesh COUNTRY: India

Animal collision with vehicles on the road is one of the important issues of road accidents apart from other causes that all the developed nations are facing today.


The Purpose

Intelligent highway safety and driver assistance systems are very helpful to reduce the number of accidents that are happening due to vehicle-animal collisions. On Indian roads, two types of animals i.e. the cow and the dog are found more often than other animals on the road. Specific objectives of the research work are:  To develop a low-cost automatic animal detection system in context to roads.  Finding the approximate distance of animal from the vehicle in which camera is mounted.  To develop an alert system once the animal gets detected on the road which may help the driver.

The Technology

The video is taken from a forward-facing optical sensor (camera) in which a moving animal is present apart from other stationary and non-stationary objects. This video is stored in the computer and converted into different frames. Then we are doing preprocessing steps to enhance the image. For feature extraction and learning of the system, we are using a combination of HOG and boosted cascade classifier for animal detection. All the image processing techniques are implemented in OpenCV software. Once the animal gets detected in the video, the next step is to find the distance of the animal from the vehicle.

Additional Details

* The algorithm developed is working properly and able to detect an animal in different conditions on roads and highways.  Estimation of animal distance from the testing vehicle is done. Maximum detecting distance of the animal from the camera mounted vehicle was found to be 20 meters.  Speed analysis (different speeds like 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60 kmph) is implemented and tested.  Alert signal to the driver is available. * Though the proposed work has been focused on automatic animal detection in context to Indian highways, it will work in other countries and for detection of other animals too.

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