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Maze Robotrash

MAKERS: Nurani Lathifah

Maze Robotrash is a game contain a robot and maze track made of different floor colour that can teach kids to understanding about programming logic and teach them not to littering. This Robot and maze track made from recycled things such as MDF and paper. The maze track use 4 different colors. The colour is red, green, blue and black. Black floor is not allowed to be passed by robot. If the robot passes through the black floor, the robot will give a sign use the buzzer inside his body. To play with Maze Robotrash need adults to create a maze and put the trash and trash can on the track. Robot have to pick all the trash and place them in the trash can. Robot moves controlled by kids using a console. Kids must define which path that can be passed by robot to pick the trash and placed it to the trash can. Robot use an Arduino to control colour sensor and robot movement. Console use a raspberry pi B + and a TFT screen. Communication between the robot and the console using Bluetooth.

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