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GAMA Geolocalizador para Adultos Mayores con Alzheimer.

MAKERS: Michael COUNTRY: Mexico

GAMA is a locator for people with Alzheimer's, it works by sending the coordinates of the patient to the receiver to know where it's, and to locate it if necessary.


The Purpose

People with Alzheimer's disease often walk the streets without remembering who they are, where they are or where they live. The fact that they are on the streets without remembering anything makes them really insecure as they can be on the streets for hours and hours until someone finds them or helps them to reach their families. In addition to this cause concern and despair to the family since the fact of not knowing where the relative with this disease is something that saddens them. With GAMA these concerns can disappear due to the function of locating them.

The Technology

Several technologies were used to carry out the project, GPS to get the coordinates, GSM to send the information through the telephone network, Serial communication to control and synchronize the reception and transmission of information and Arduino to process the data. Are mentions of some of the technologies that were used.

Additional Details

With GAMA, I'm trying to reduce the amount of people with this disease who are lost because of it. And in turn give more peace to the family of the same. As you can see in one of the images, GAMA can be used in the belt and is not both annoying to the user or heavy and in turn does not prevent him from making movements to it. The notification arrives via SMS and is shown through a link that can be opened with Gmaps or some other similar service and will automatically obtain the location of the person.

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