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In this project the conversion of the force energy in to electrical energy. The control mechanism carries the piezoelectric sensor, A.C ripples neutralizer,unidirectional current controller and 12V, 1.3Amp lead acid dc rechargeable battery and an inverter is used to drive AC/DC loads.The battery is connected to the inverter. This inverter is used to convert the 12 Volt D.C to the 230 Volt A.C. This 230 Volt A.C voltage is used to activate the loads. We are using conventional battery charging unit also for giving supply to the circuitry.Here we are using 16X2 LCD to display the voltage values of the rechargeable battery using ATMEGA16. An average person, weighing 60 kg, will generate only 0.1 watt in the single second required to take two steps across the tile,But when they are covering a large area of floor space and thousands of people are stepping or jumping on them, then we can generate significant amounts of power.Stored in capacitors, the power can be channeled to energy-hungry parts of the station including the electrical lighting system and the ticket gates. Softwares used: 1.ATMEL studio 2.EXTREME BURNER 3.PROTEUS

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