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AmanTron AlacTra 1.01


AmanTron AlacTra 1.01 is all in one home automation device which full fills all the field like Accessibility, Education, safety and advancement, also serve our environment.


The Purpose

AlacTra 1.01 is a solution to everything required to make world a better place. AlacTra is offering home automation, home security, energy and water saving mode and also useful for education purpose by allowing user to learn about IoT technology and use their own creativity and knowledge to make it work as per their requirement as AlacTra is consists open source programmable microcontroller and also easy to add multiple sensor units. Here AlacTra also helping our environment by recycling plastic waste, old laptop battery, rainwater harvesting and energy saving feature without any major investment and easy to adapt.

The Technology

AlacTra 1.01 is based on all latest technology like IoT (Internet of Things), micro-controller, also having built-in battery unit, which provide back-up power in case of blackout and make home secure. Wi-fi based connection allow not only access to the internet but make the whole system fast and easy to connect with smartphone and other such devices. AlacTra is a single device which enable user to have access on very at there finger tip and also serve our environment via rainwater harvesting without any huge construction of underground water tanks and use renewable electrical energy source.

Additional Details

AlacTra 1.01 is fit in every standard required to make our world a better place and push the human race forward. Our young generation get hands on technology and learn about it and use AlacTra to practice and develop their own idea and creativity.

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