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SELFMATE SENSING is bracelet . And this selfmate comes with 2 additional devices - a spectacle glass ,a wireless headset and with an application for several platforms. The bracelet embodied with latest sensing technology which plays the vital role in this selfmate sensing. Selfmate sensing is a unique bracelet!!!! The use: latest sensing technology is embodied in the bracelet and has the responsibility to find, track, record, remind, capture, keep, retrieve and assist all daily activities. You don't need to wear the additional glass or wireless head set always but the bracelet. You can wear this bracelet always considering as an ordinary bracelet that is in a gold or platinum. Besides the latest sensing technology, the bracelet also consider a camera, a small non-touch screen, an LED under the camera(can use as a torch too), a mic and a small speaker. And the finger print scanner located at the inner portion of the bracelet to identify you. Selfmate is connected with all your computers, smartphones and cloud storage seamlessly. You can talk or discuss with the selfmate regarding all your past datas or transaction.When you need certain information regarding a specific day, you can ask your selfmate. That will sort all that you need and come up with all the information during that day or that specific time of period within few seconds. selfmate has the ability to understand or detect the nearby objects or environment surrounded by you. If you forgot something it will remind up you. For example; If you forgot to lock the door while leaving home, the selfmate will alert you via small display and the speaker . It will also send the notification to your nearest devices that own by you. (like tablets,smart phone) Since, selfmate has the ability to detect objects,that is also a real world search engine. It will search and find any objects that you forgot where it is. The sensing technology inside the bracelet has a limited memory and will send the information instantly to your computer/tablet/phone or other network devices. Whenever you need the information you can ask and the selfmate will search the particular batch of information and will tell you a the details via the small speaker or you can hear it through headset(if you use it) and you can retrieve all the collected information through your computer or smartphone/tablet. Selfmate will not let you forgot anything once you get used to it. It will also have an eye on your health, finance and your personal details. Another example: suppose if you had an appointment last month but you could not made it because of some other personal problems. After that day you may forgot about the things related to appointment or personal issues.But Your selfmate will not forgot the incident that made it impossible to attend that appointment. If you ask about it, the selfmate will tell you what he understood based on data recorded on that day. Where were you, the details or environment you spent with including audio, What were the objects that selfmate detected nearby you, video footage (If recorded), data transfer details, Climate details, travel, places everything can be retrieve from selfmate with your one question! Selfmate will always inform you when you enter a new place. It will track and detect all the physical objects sorrounded by you. enjoy by using selfmate an new idea..... by NANDHINEE.M.V COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERIING III YEAR

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