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Implementation of Advanced Unipolar PWM technique in single phase H-bridge inverter using embedded code generation in arduino uno board

MAKERS: Dhruv Shah

The main two objectives behind these project are: 1) In normal unipolar PWM technique two switches of same leg are simultaneously ON if we consider H-bridge configuration. Using advanced unipolar PWM technique this problem is resolved. 2) In Embedded code generation technique we need not write thousands of lines of program to dump it on controller rather just uploading simulation file from MATLAB will generate pulses at specified pin numbers which further will be given to gate driver. All the analog circuitry required to generate gate pulses are eliminated. Also, it provides flexible control and multiple PWM schemes can be implemented just by changing the simulation file. In the image of the project left most circuit is isolated DC power supply for TLP250. The TLP250 is a gate driver IC, input to which is given from Arduino Uno board. The right most circuit is H bridge configuration of inverter with load connected across it. Software used to dump simulation file is MATLAB. Inverters are essential components for Uninterruptable Power Supply. Also, they serve as an interface connecting the power generated from renewable sources to the grid. On successful implementation of this project extension would be to implement the same for 3 phase. It would give quite easier and flexible gate circuit control.

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