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MAKERS: vijay , shubham COUNTRY: India

A wireless electronic display that allows to post digital content from the web application and helps the local municipality to make communication between government and citizens at the outdoor place.


The Purpose

People living in a community, town or city can be empowered if they have the information about events, programmes, schemes from government departments and data that has an impact on their life, A municipality office in a town can be the next information and data office for citizens where they can visit to know the real-time updates. This makes municipality more productive but the development needs to be affordable and simple, hence with increasing wide spread of internet, we can use that to share information quickly between government higher office to the local body.

The Technology

A LED HD digital display of 48 inches, raspberry pi 3 which has Wi fi wireless connectivity with internet and HDMI connection with screen works as a processor and communication device, The Yodeck named software runs on raspberry pi which does content management on the screen. digital content can be uploaded from a web application on raspberry pi which has sd card to store, we create custom web widget for the municipality like time, date, weather forecast, real time India population, An informative video, and images are made which explains municipality services and general messages.

Additional Details

yet only one screen is deployed at a municipality, we looking for more such screen so, in future, local and global business advertisement can be shown on screen and municipality can also earn with such screens. I am independently working on this project after my graduation in 2016 with a small members team. find more :

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