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SHIELD(home security, safety and sensing device)


Shield can be used by any one and everyone, cost effective, feasible, user friendly, compatible with any mobile device. Based on single platform, highly compact, uses minimal energy of 5volt

The Purpose

Shield provides safety, security and sensing on a single platform, security, safety are basic requirements in today's era. This product will give a sense of satisfaction to users in all the ways possible viz personal safety, fire safety, gas leakage. It also provides special feature for plants by using various kinds of sensors at minimal costs. The outdoor feature of the product makes it one of a kind like hygroscopic sensor and rainfall detection system. Entire system is linked through Bluetooth for indoor control and monitoring where as it is connected through wifi(IOT) to have access from anywhere in world

The Technology

Securty: works on the principle of rfid system, consists with LCD, buzzers and led for warning signals to make it more user friendly. Doors have automated opening and closing mechanism, once inside the main door a metal detector scans you for further entry. PIR based motion sensor to detect any intrusion in your absence. Fire and gas leakage sensors for kitchen which sends signals in critical situations. Temperature and humidity sensor for living room which calibrate the cooling sysem. All electronics appliance can be controlled through bluetooth application. Plant water monitoring system with auto watering mechanism and much more.

Additional Details

Although some of these features are available in market it is cheapest among all, at the cost of Rs 3000. It is easy to install and operate and no prior knowledge of electronics is required. One can have access and control through any cellphone using the app. The system consume very less energy and it can be easily powered from solar panel . No worries of losing keys any more, as new rfid tags can be programmed in the system to have an access by authorised person.

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