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Real time Team/Player health Monitoring system


"Real time Team/player health monitoring system" is DIY, low cost, open source and wearable project designed by me for measure and notify vital body parameters of sport person or entire team (i.e. Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Helmet Impact Force and Chest Impact Force) to coach Via WiFi Link, to provide medical assistance to player on time as well as understand the behavior of players on the field by analysis of logged data. project is designed around CC3200 wifi MCU, and MSP430 MCU from Texas Instruments. Heart Rate, Body Temperature and Chest Impact Force are sensed by Chest Strap module and Helmet Impact is sensed by helmet module. Chest Strap and Helmet module communicate via SUB GHz short range Wireless Link. Chest Strap module can be connected to Remote GUI application Running on Windows/Linux PC and/or Android Cell phone via WiFi with UDP Protocol. Remote GUI Application provides visualization of vital body parameter with configurable thresholds to get audio visual notification under certain conditions and also provides data logging feature. Here is the list of sensors used in project: AD8232 ECG Sensor - Heart Rate Measurement - Analog Devices ADT7320 Temperature Sensor - Body Temperature Sensor - Analog Devices ADXL375 Accelerometer- Impact Sensor - Analog Devices The project is completed and tested successfully at Leeds Beckett University, UK, Department of Sport and Bio-mechanics. The project is true DIY project as all the details are available on following link under open source.. Build Log and other videos/codes/schematics/evaluation available on following link.

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