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POWER EFFICIENT & EXTREMELY USEFUL HOME SECURITY SYSTEM [substitute(advancement) of cctv for home security.] Nowadays, cctv is used in home for home security system, may be to avoid burglars or some other reason. When we are using cctv for home security system, we need to power on it full time, it will record full video eventhough we require just one shot image of the burglar for few seconds or a minute. Disadvantage of cctv for home security: # It will consume more power. # It requires large disk space. # we know whether burglar came or not only in morning (we sleep during night) # We need to check complete video for finding burglar. # Difficult to find burglar, when we go for international trips. Suggestions: We can use camera for taking images instead of video recording. The camera power ON only when burglar came infront of your home gate or entrance. i.e., power switch of camera is put in front of your gate or entrance. Switch is such that as soon as burglar stands in front of your gate or entrance, camera switches on and starts taking images for 30 seconds or so, and at that instant, the images will send to your smartphone, through whatsapp or other. Advantage of new concept: # Power efficient. # Very few disk space required. # Get images of burglar at same instant through whatsapp message or other. Page 1 of 2 Page 2 of 2 # No need of spending time by checking complete video. # We can take actions to arrest burglar instantaneously even when we go for a long international trip.

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