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Eco Vending Machine

MAKERS: Harsh , Devam COUNTRY: India

It mainly focuses on a clean and safe environment where each individual person helps in cleaning. It is economically and environmentally convenient for the government as well as us.


The Purpose

Our project mainly focuses on the clean environment. Whenever a person helps in cleaning the environment, he/she gets a reward for that. It helps to create awareness of the clean environment and each individual participates in this.

The Technology

The technology which we used mainly comprises of different sensors to detect data and processors and actuators for the reward. An inductive sensor detects whether the object is metal or not. The pressure sensor detects the weight of the object and tells the processor about the reward. Based on the user requires, the reward is then given to him/her.

Additional Details

we can have a separate compartment for separate garbage. We can separate garbage and make different use of that. Like, we can use a plastic material for recycling purposes. Different diseases because of polluted environment would decrease and people will get healthier lives. Every year Government spends tons of crore for spreading awareness about the safe environment. Municipal Corporation gives a lot of money to sweepers for cleaning the streets, cross roads, hospitals, Railway Stations. This machine can be placed near any above-mentioned places and the placed will be cleaned automatically without even telling anyone to do so.

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