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SMART SHOE (electricity generating shoe with wireless charger)

MAKERS: binu k jose

it is innovative and eco friendly task. This method is generating electric voltage for charging an inside shoes battery from the piezo element. The pieo electric effect based to piezo element producing a voltage for charging internal battery .the battery charging every running and walking time.then the battery power transfer way is space. That is 2cm to 25cm need data cable and conducting wire.a wireless transmitter and receiver used to electronic gadget charging It is hectic task to use to use every where the shoe of mobile phone or any electronic gadget while travelling or it is very crucial when your mobile phone getting off by the time you urgently need it. Its major problem in today electronic gadget. Then this project is very help full in every day life and further life. That all materials fixed to the sole of the footwear is illustrting I am introducing a new eco friendly and innovative project(not net copy). This project will be very useful and effective for our day to day life... Now a days in the present world,the availability of electricity is the major problem which is faced by many people around the world.. To eliminate this problem we can use this project which is very similar to the modern day smartphones,watches and emergency lambs. This can be called a smart shoe as it has a wireless charger. Its an innovative and new idea... fig. shows the smart shoe. Some special internal elements are added to the shoe for power generation purpose and ease of access. Power is generated at every movement,vibration and stress made by the shoe at the time of walking and running. The force applied by the legs inside the shoes are converted to mechanical energy and applied to the internal elements creating piezoelectric current and thus generate current. One pair of shoe store 6000mah current ie;3000 for each. energy generation by piezo electricity at every mechanical vibration. One element can generate small current and high voltage. By increasing the number of elements,we can generate more current and voltage. In this project i'm using 50 elements ie; 25 for each. The elements are connected in parallel. the number of piezo elements fixed internally in the shoe. Parallel connection enables more generation of power. More power is generated at every forces applied to the shoe... My volt metre displayed: *Pressing by hand=15.03volts(17ma) *walking by foot=18.53 volt(24 ma) *running by foot=27.89volts(36ma) The piezo current generates AC circuit which is not used in circuits but its used in internal battery. E=1/2 v^2c is the equation used to find o/p power. internal battery of then shoe. When it is rectified,o/p is applied to battery for storing power. The below figure shown demonstrates wireless power transmission. This method is used to create wireless charger. The internal battery of the shoes transmitted power and the external device use it. The wireless power transmitter works at 139 or 149,BD 394,547 transistor or MOSFET. RC network is used in the system. There are two coils,transmitter coil of 20 turns and receiver coil of 30 turns. ADVANTAGE Power generating is simply walking on step Power also generated by running No need fuel Battery is used to store the generated power Non radiative energy transfer is safe for people and animals Wastage of power is less Highly resonate storing coupling provides high efficiency over distance Does no inter fence with radio wave Pollution free Check video : This project self research to developed

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