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Intruder Monitoring

MAKERS: Shubham COUNTRY: India

To monitor any outdoor intruding activity and send a corresponding notification (image and text) to a cell phone.


The Purpose

This project gives access to monitor people (like - beggar, salesman, policy provider and some unwanted person etc.) from outdoor. So, you don't have to bother about such kind of people who disturb you in your whole day and it also protects your home from these people who try to get unauthorised access. The full control of your door is now in your hand and you can easily monitor which person is standing outside the door and for that, you don't have to leave your work to open the door.

The Technology

This project involves a database, a sensor, a camera, a microcontroller, and wifi or Bluetooth connectivity, So the user can connect it with a mobile app. Now you can choose among the options to open, close or simply mute the doorbell. whenever a person is out side the door the camera will click the image of that person and will send a notification with person's image, then you can check the person and take decision accordingly. The phone creates a database so you could keep the record of all persons visited on the day.

Additional Details

You can easily open the door from your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. You can monitor people who visited in the whole day. You can also use it as a key of your door. It requires less database space than other surveillance systems.

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