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Low cost Steroid Drug Sensitive medicine control system.

MAKERS: Aparna

Steroid is a medicine Many a times doctors prescribe patients medicines which consist of sensitive drugs (Steroid, Aspirine). These kind of drugs leave an adverse effect on the mental & physical health of the patient. But in the current practice the doctor gives a written prescription to the patients and the patients are free to purchase any quantity of the drug very easily. A system is required through which the quantity and the time of purchase of the drug can be controlled as per the doctor?s advice. This project aims at developing a system which can achieve this. Smart cards are used for this purpose. The doctor has a RFID Tag programmer which is connected to a computer. On the computer a VB application is used, where the doctor can enter the prescription and program the same into the RFID Tag. All the details relevant to the prescription like the dosage, the quantity and the duration of the medication are also entered. The RFID Tag is given to the patient as the prescription instead of a paper. At the medical shop a RFID reader and programmer is used. This is again connected to a computer running a VB application on which the shop keeper can see the prescription. Also there is a provision on the VB application using which the shop keeper can mark whether the drugs were issued or not and in what quantity. This information regarding the issued medicines is reprogrammed into the Tag. If the patient tries to use the RFID Tag for purchasing the prescribed medicines again the shop keeper can check the details on the Tag and can easily find out if the drugs were the prescribed quantity of the drugs have been bought already or not.

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