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VR Robotic Telepresence Platform using Raspberry Pi and Google Cardboard

MAKERS: Ganesh , Ishita , Janki COUNTRY: India

An inexpensive yet seamless Robotic Telepresence Platfrom that provides a 360 degree, 3-dimensional view of the remote surroundings, while being controlled wirelessly via the Internet.

The Purpose

Solves the lack of cost efficient tele-presence robotic platform for complete and immersive remote operation, with stereoscopic machine vision and suggestive feedback and ready deployment in indoor environments such as hospitals, museums. Providing accessibility to stereoscopic stream in harsh environments such as war prone areas, debris and dust affected regions, nuclear armament or industrially radioactive zones using remote links. Addressing the major problem of lack of immersion in a Telepresence Robotic system by integrating Virtual Reality headsets (such as Google Cardboard) and online real-time head movement control and stereoscopic stream to traditional telepresence platfroms controlled remotely and wirelessly via the Internet.

The Technology

The brain is the Raspberry Pi 2 with Picam and Wi-fi module. User enabled to access HD stream with flexibility on resolution and frame-rate. The stream is accessed on http server using browser window. Application on smart phone allows splitting into SBS-3D stereoscopic stream. This can then be viewed using a VR headset. Pan and tilt servo gimbal mounting the Picam, are controlled using UDP packets consisting of IMU smartphone sensor readings. Python Scripts on Raspberry Pi, for real-time servo control and to grab keyboard bindings and send data to Robotic Platform and interface (FireBird V with ATMega 2560)

Additional Details

Very Low latency and minimal lag Real-time 3d stereoscopic stream Control may be using remote controllers as well

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