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Face Detection and Tracking for Safety and Health Surveillance

MAKERS: Sergio COUNTRY: Brazil

The system is able to detect and track faces in order to acquire precise body-temperature measurements of passersby passengers at airport and other crowded environment.


The Purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide a reliable, autonomous and more discrete system to identify passersby that might have a fever at crowded places such as airport. This is important to prevent the spread of diseases, e.g. H1N1, at epidemic periods. The current methods are manual and leave passengers in an uncomfortable situation. This system can track the face, so it permits the measurement using infrared thermometers sensors as well as infrared cameras. It can also take a picture of the subject and inform the security to approach the subject in a discrete way avoiding exposure.

The Technology

The technology used was designed to be flexible and cheap. The links (white pieces) that connect the motors and camera were designed using SOLIDWORKS and printed using a 3DCloner. The motors chosen were the TowerPro SG90, the simplest and cheapest on the market. Arduino was used to receive information from the computer and control the motors. The face-detection algorithm was programed using OpenCV and Python. The control of the system was also implemented in python.

Additional Details

This system: - will provide more accurate information and better sampling of temperature condition of passerbys; - can help security officers intercepting suspicious detected subjects in a more discreet way; - is designed to be flexible, so it can work with a large variety of sensors; - is cheap. It features the cheapest model of motors and it is 3d Printed using very little material.

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