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Remote Detection and Control of illegal use of Electricity through Smart Energy Meter


Hello All! My project is a remote metering and theft detection system based on GSM. This project is useful for the detection of illegal usage of electricity by using Smart Energy Meter and also to obtain the better meter reading when desired so meter readers don?t need to visit each customer for the consumed energy data collection and to distribute the bill slips. Meter readings are being monitored and recorded by using Microcontroller (dcPIC30F3014). In case of a customer is defaulter or using electricity illegally, its connection can be cut off without sending the utility person by SMS. Load management can be done by Smart Energy Meter. Theft control by Smart Energy Meter is the major theme of our project. In case of theft Smart Energy Meter gives alarm by sending message to utility and it adds the theft power to the units consumed. So there is no loss to the utility in case of theft. In this system energy meter readings are being transferred by making use of GSM. The main features of Smart Energy Meter are listed as follows; ? Get automatic reading of Energy Meter and sent it to consumer as well as to utility. ? In reading it measures Voltage, Load Current, Real power, Reactive power, Power factor and units consumed. ? Utility is able to cutoff/restore the supply of the defaulter customer (or any) through SMS. ? Measuring energy meter reading any time we want through the use of SMS i.e. energy meter responds to the message and sends reading whenever it is asked either by a customer or by the utility. ? Consumer is able to check the status of his load from anywhere in the world by SMS. ? In case of theft, there is no loss to utility because it adds a plenty to that specific customer.

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