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With U Smart Sole DIY GPS Embedded Smart Shoe Sole


Of all the rich-G20 nations, India has-been labeled the worst place to be a woman. Besides-from-other-very-great-possible-applications of the-project [AlzhimerPatients-abductionCases--ETC], I aim to solve that problem by making a shoe that-saves-lives.


The Purpose

Of all the rich G20 nations, India has been labeled the worst place to be a woman. But how is this possible in a country that prides itself on being the world's largest democracy? There are tens of thousands cases of crime against women, children reported annually. According to a report by ?Wall Street Foundation? over 8 million children were reported missing. These thrilling numbers are those, that were reported. Many are yet unreported? I want to make a device, which will serve as a ?rescue aid? equipment. So, say when a person, unfortunately, gets into-a situation that he/she needs help.

The Technology

The pair of insoles is designed in such a way that one of the insoles contains a strong rare earth magnet and the other one contains a special circuit with a magnetic field detector. When it is necessary for the user [wearing the insoles] to inform his relatives that he is in trouble, he/she should just cross his feet such that the heels of one foot touch the toes of the other feet. The special circuit configuration detects the gesture by detecting the change in magnetic field and the process of notifying and updating the location[HTTP_GET_REQUESTS]---ONE_CAN_SEE_THE_REALTIME_LOCATION_OF_THE_WEARER_ON_A_SPECIAL_WEBSITE_WHICH_INCLUDES_A_GOOGLE_MAP! THATS_TOO_MUCH_OF_TECHNOLOGY_IN_ONE_SHOE!!

Additional Details

If you have read this project, and not tossed it like any other project, it means you are interested ! Take a look at my In-depth documentation of the project like, Step-by-step instructions on how I built this, Videos of the build, comments from other people on what they think about this project and WAY MORE details than that are mentioned here, ====>>>On this link

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