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PRUSA i3(3D-Printer)

MAKERS: Harikrishnan COUNTRY: India

3D printer Allow you to think in 3-dimension.You can prototype/make the project as in your dream using this amazing machine.A best companion for you daily DIYs/TECH projects.


The Purpose

The purpose of this project is to improve the qualitative living of humankind.In order to do a tech or diy project ,an enthusiast/Professionals should have access to rapid prototyping machines and make their dream project to a real one.In case of Medical field 3D objects do a lot more to save valuable lives of humans ,helping out surgeons by seeing the 3D model of the specified human body part prior to the complex surgical procedures make them easy for a proper planning of the procedure to be done.Thus this increases the precision of procedure with a decrease in time.

The Technology

The technology I used in my 3D printer project is FDM(Fused deposition modeling) technology.Which is a proven technology in 3D printing section,which has many benefits. Mainly 3 major steps-1)Pre-processing:preparing file for slicing in the slicing soft wares like cura,slic3r etc 2)Production:making the model with the extruded plastic from the extruder nozzle.The material like PLA,ABS etc can be used for extrusion purposes.3)Post-processing: just doing the final touchup like removing support material,cleaning it with acetone etc Benifits of FDM technology-simple,Easy to use,compilation of complex geometrical structures,supports industrial grade thermoplastic which are environment friendly.

Additional Details

* As i am a twelfth grade student, I took about 1 year and 5 months to complete the entire project.Still its on the way of further development. *My only guide was internet. *recently added a status monitor *recently i made it completely wireless using raspberry pi and wifi. *Now its completely controllable with my smartphone.

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