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Voice and gesture controlled robot using microsoft kinect sensor

MAKERS: srujan , pranavi , gopi naresh COUNTRY: India

its a low-cost, accurate robotic vehicle. As it uses microsoft kinect sensor as primary controller it is highly expandable and can be greatly integrated for many features

The Purpose

Our main intention in doing this project is to provide more control of a robotic vehicle such that when integrated with equipment like a electrical wheel chair, it provides more control for patients suffering from diseases like paraplegics.

The Technology

we have used Microsoft's Kinect sensor as the primary controller. the usage of kinect sensor makes the project more robust, accurate and low-cost. As this kinect sensor has many great capabilities like obtaining depth images, tracking the elements in a 3D space and using that data for operations like Simultaneous localization and mapping makes the sensor more important and useful to integrate with other mobile robots.

Additional Details

--> High accuracy in recognizing gestures --> Voice recognition works very well --> speed of the vehicle can also be controlled by the gestures --> can be integrated to more mobile robots

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