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Wireless Power Transfer


By wireless power transfer it is easy to transfer power from load to source without any physical connection, so it is convenient to charge gadgets easily without complicated wireing system.


The Purpose

This project can be use in various field; Like at public place charging stand required lots of plugging slot here no need of single slot with this circuit; in transportation to charge batteries of vehicle without connecting it with charger or spending specific time and place for charging; In medical field, we can charge various device like pace-maker,hearing-aid and can extend it's life without replacing the battery; In army,their device placed in their bag can be charge with the help of solar power without any specific connection at remote area without any difficulty of various charging slot.

The Technology

In this system Power transmission is executed through "strong magnetic resonant coupling" between the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter emits non-radiative magnetic field at resonating frequency which is received at the receiver. the power is transferring through resonance between transmitter and receiver. Also the conical shape is taken for transmitter coil which provide strong field than ordinary planner coil which helps to transfer power more efficiently.

Additional Details

The concept of Wireless Power Transfer is a revolution in itself. it is beneficial in various field and also easily excisable for all people. In our Project we have changed the transmitter coil design as conical shape than traditional planner one. also we design RLC oscillatory power source to inject power in coil; which helps me to increase the efficiency of the system. Also I have studied different configuration of transmitter and receiver at different frequence-band to get efficient system.

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