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MTC bus route mapping and traffic on ANDROID using GPS

MAKERS: Bharath

I and my friend designed this project....concept of this project is to track the location of the bus(public transport vehicle) through GPS placed in the vehicle and sent it to the bus depot. a person standing in bus stand open this APP and type's the location where he want to go... the APP tracks his location through GPS in this mobile and search for bus no(vehicle no) in which he has to board on and get the location of bus through GPS fixed in bus...... he will get both the bus no and the location of his bus in the google map so that he can decide whether it gets more time for bus to arrive so that he can do some other job or he can hire a taxi,etc if suppose he is going to his friend home...he can just text the bus no to his friend......his friend can track the bus and can get ready or do some other work based on the location of the bus if it is so long from his home.... And can receive him on time without wasting his time by standing so long in bus stand.

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