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Techy Lamp

MAKERS: Sundar

TECHY LAMP (Electronic Lamp/kuthuvizhakku) Everything is made technology nowadays. Every inauguration on a special occasion Indian culture is to ignite the lamp (kuthuvizhakku) .Why cant a Lamp be a role to technology & Innovation. And here is the techy lamp which ignites your future by a new venture tradition come technology . Whenever a technology overcomes the tradition ,the tradition too should not be give up as it has some moral values. Techy lamp is such technology where a lamp constructed using acrylic as same as the traditional lamp with 5 LED jothi?s and a text Display at the top .This Lamp consumes 12 V Supply which is driven by an Adapter .The lamp looks Glossy ,royal glow ,colorful. This lamp contains a filament to light as traditional,with which candle fire can be used to light the lamp .When candle fire is given to the filament on each jothi , each LED is ignited separately and gives glow .Thus ?Traditional come Electronics? which ?IGNITES YOUR FUTURE?. The Lamp Setup is Made of Acrylic hollowed at the Center, to Bring wires up. Acrylic is given to the Lathe and drilled to find its Original traditional look of a lamp .Laser cutting is used for Acrylic material cuttings. Setup controllers for ignition of jothi?s are kept under the Lamp and the Adapter is connected for 12 V supply . Colorful LED?s are used to royal Glow of Lamp surface and TEXT display at the top. 5 Watts LED used as Jothi in the Lamp. A filament Sensor used for ignition of jothi on each LED?s bottom .Text Display is connected to Last Jothi(LED) to glow the Text finally After lighting Jothi?s. TEAM MEMBERS: 1. Sharuk khan.S 2. Vibe Charon.J.M 3. Sundar.R 4. Shreeram.R.G. 5. Venkat.B

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