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Smart Wheelchair

MAKERS: Hardik Meisheri

We were looking at a problem that disable population faces. Noticing that the disabled people in India get very little attention, we decided to aim our project towards them in order to help as much as we can. Our influence might end up being minimal, but remember that a ten kilometre walk starts with a small step. Disabled people rely heavily on their wheelchairs for transportation. The wheelchair frees them from their burdens and constraints and provides them with mobility. It has become a necessity to all, such that they cannot live without it anymore. For all these reasons, and in order to start a change, we decided to concentrate our effort on pinpointing the weaknesses in wheelchairs and improving them as much as we can. Our project will mainly feature one major idea in accordance with a few minor ones. The major idea that we will be trying to implement is to introduce the smart wheelchair for the first time. By smart we mean that the wheelchair will be controlled by three sources, Speech, joystick and neck movement. This major idea tends to solve the main problem faced by the persons with limb disabilities, who can?t propel the wheel chair by themselves and they require some other source of control which is based on human sensing abilities. For these we need to use intelligent programming algorithms for controlling different sensors. This will make wheelchair an autonomous vehicle with smartness.

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