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Smart Bus Booking System

MAKERS: Kunal , Vedant COUNTRY: India

Iot based project. Provides customers comfort of booking bus seats from home with real time data from remote server and also marketing companies data about preferred buses and seat locations.

The Purpose

Ever wasted time waiting for a bus to reach your destination and then not even getting a seat. Our project is mainly aimed at making public transport a easy and comfortable mode of travel.Our project makes you log on to a website, browse through all seats of a particular bus and look at it's status( occupied, unoccupied ,damaged) , book your seat by filling a simple form . In the bus , there is a led on the seat indicating it's status. This also helps bus company manage broken seats and provides marketing companies data for better placement of advertisements.

The Technology

1) IoT platform bolt( to transmit data from seat to server) 2)Force Sensor - to check if the seat is currently occupied or not 3)Leds - to tell about current status of a particular seat 4)Arduino-the microcontroller to manipulate the data and send the same to the remote server via the IoTplatform 5)A remote Django server and online database management system 6)connecting wires

Additional Details

This kind of service will be particularly useful fall metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore etc.This will kill two problems with one arrow- 1) help reduce the number of cars and hence pollution in this age of global warming and 2) increase the revenue of the public transport department as now people will prefer using buses. It is also economically viable as the data of seat preference can easily be sold to advertisement companies and also this will help the transport coordinator keep a check on damaged seats , as customer can report a damage as he leaves the seat

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